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Erotic Story: It's Not Cheating When You Don't Have A Choice

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Erotic Story: It's Not Cheating When You Don't Have A Choice

The winner of the erotic story contest, Victoria Hawk, took us by surprise with this arousing masterpiece. Read (and cum) for yourself...

Written by Victoria Hawk

My hand is shaking a bit when I lite up my cigarette in the dark alley around the corner of the crowded and always popular bar. Even though there is only a brick wall separating the noise from inside and the quiet, dark alley I am standing in, there is no sound present except the burning of the dry tobacco of my cigarette. With my other hand I am gently touching my breast and occasionally circle around my hard nipple I am able to feel through the thin fabric of my black dress, while my chest keeps moving rapidly up and down due to my heaving breathing. The thoughts in my head make it spin.


I hold my breath when suddenly a dark figure enters the alley and determinedly quick walks into to my direction as soon as I am spotted. Still unable to restart breathing, my cigarette falls out of my already shaky hand and immediately extinguishes when it reaches the moist ground. I am paralysed as soon as the realisation reaches every cell in my body that it is him, the man who got me in this state by mere words.Seconds later he is standing right in front of me, and I feel my pulse in every vein. His eyes looking wildly into mine, his indistinguishable scent entering my nose, I can only silently moan while I release the breath that I had been holding.


Just moments before I had entered the dark alley, the long, interesting conversation at the bar with a man of whom I did not know a name yet, had turned into describing scenarios that involved me and him doing things I had not dared to dream of. His words were so extremely vulgar, yet so sophisticated. “I will give you an orgasm so deep, you will suffocate because you won’t have enough breath to express its intensity.” The vibration of his voice seemed to resonate with my body straight down to my cunt, which with each whisper was undoubtedly getting wetter and seemingly warmer.


We had gotten completely oblivious to the crowd that was surrounding us with their drunk chatter and laughter. All of them completely unknowing of the tension that was building up in our bodies. I am not in a position to have this kind of words enter my ears from another mouth than my boyfriend’s. “I can’t”, I said while shaking my head in my eyes closed before I quickly got up to calm myself down with a cigarette and some silence outside. He tried to grab my arm before it was completely out of reach, but I was too quick.


"I can feel how hard his dick is as it explores my vagina searching for the entrance that it has been designed for."


Still, he quickly had managed to find me. “It is not cheating when you don’t have a choice”, are the last words he says before his lips touch mine. Quickly after his tongue enters my mouth, mixing the nicotine taste with a strong taste of the whiskey he had been drinking during our heated conversation at the bar. His words immediately make sense to me, as I am clearly out of control when his kisses get rougher and his hands start grabbing me so tightly, that it pleasantly hurts my skin. With his hand placed on my collarbones, partly touching my throat, he aggressively pushes me back against the wall behind us. Simultaneously he swiftly unbuttons his pants with his other hand and lets his cock join us in a very passive aggressive manner due to its enormous size. His body takes over pushing me against the wall, while his two hands vanish under my black dress to jointly rip off my underwear with one firm movement. They drop next to my cigarette and soak in the last moisture of the ground. My vaginal juices immediately drip down in between my legs when he separates them widely from each other with his own. The top of his warm dick is touching me by now extremely sensitive clit, while the exhales of his breath keep making my neck moist and indicating the beastly arousal he is feeling.


I can feel how hard his dick is as it explores my vagina searching for the entrance that it has been designed for. He does not enter slowly but immediately put his whole manly extension right up to the end of my womanly depths. Since I am wearing a dress with no back, I feel the rough bricks scratching my skin open in the process. Every time he enters my body the pushes are getting so deep and painful that I can only imagine he has reached the inside of my womb.


Pain and pleasure become indistinguishable, as does the location of their origin. I am unsure if I am about to orgasm or faint, as I let my head hang to the left side of my body when I see two dark silhouettes in the alley entrance watching us. My mouth is staying wide open, making it easier for my screams to escape my lungs and break the silence around us. I keep watching the silhouettes until I can no longer keep my eyes open. I do not care we are being watched, as I am unable to think any human words at this point.


An animal instinct takes over my body and mind, and like a reflex, I wrap my legs around his torso to allow the penetration to get even deeper. Simultaneously my hands are pulling hard on his hair from behind. I lose control of reality completely when what feels like the deepest push yet ignites an energy rush up to my crown and beyond. He holds me firmly as I rest my head in his neck while I allow the energy to circle around my body until it slowly loses its intensity. My knees are wobbly, and I am shaking, while I rest my sweaty body in his arms. When I look into his eyes, I start to remember snippets of my boyfriend but realise I do not care anymore.

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