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Drinking coffee shrinks your breasts

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Drinking coffee shrinks your breasts

Everybody step away from the Coffeemaker! Drinking coffee has huge consequences, well huge….

Research has already shown us that drinking coffee can be good for your health. ‘Just’ drinking three cups a day can reduce a premature death by 18%. That is a very good reason to run to your favorite coffeeshop for a large refill. But another study says that the same there cups can really shrink your bust!

Say what now?

Scientific research, published in the British Journal of Cancer, found that too much caffeine can have a negative effect on a woman’s hormone regulation. The study interviewed 300 women and found a relation between the amount of coffee they consumed and the size of their boobs. A negative relation that is. They concluded that women who drink coffee regularly have a smaller breast size averagely. It adds up to, or shrinks down to…,  an average shrinking of 17%, while woman who drink around three cups of coffee a day can lose A WHOLE CUPSIZE!

The Swedish researchers calmed us down by admitting it’s  ‘just’ shrinking and our breast will not completely disappear. Well, good for us.

Also the change of getting breast cancer will get smaller when consuming caffeine on a regular basis. And that is a big benefit, even when you boobs will be smaller.

It is fair to say that it was a small study done ‘back’ in 2008, and that the relation was not significant, there was just a correlation and contraception was involved. Writer Taryn Hillin breaks the study down in this article if you are interested.

It might just be more like an urban legend than scientific proof.

So, who’s up for a cup of tea?





Source: Gatsby.nl


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