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Delayed Gratification

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Delayed Gratification

“Trust me, the waiting will be worth it”. I can’t help but smile before I move closer to her.

By Michelle Malou

We have been drinking expensive red wine and chatting for almost the entire evening now and I start to wonder when she is going to make her move. She probably thinks I am an absolute zero on the Kinsey-scale and I don’t blame her. Just days prior I convinced myself I was.

 My mind still cannot make sense of it, but every part of my anatomy is unanimously attracted to the woman sitting next to me. I am almost unable to control myself as I want to touch and kiss every part of her athletic figure, but at the same time I am too paralyzed to make the first move. She is leaning backwards resting her body on one elbow on the couch, while very nonchalantly holding her glass of wine in her free hand, now and then circling the wine up the edges of the glass. While sipping on the wine she looks at me with an expression that almost seems like she knows exactly what is going on in my head. Her calmness only makes me more nervous and restless. It feels like my thin blouse is moving in the rhythm of the beating of my heart.

 In order to avoid her gaze I start looking around the big room, which mostly contained the color white with occasional wood and gold accents. This minimalistic, yet warm decoration, loads of burning candles and perfectly tuned music, makes the room present itself as a location where amazing sex would just be an additional feature. The scent of burning candles have always been a catalyst for arousal for me, I realize while looking at the pinkish blush on my cheeks in the big mirror next to us. The fact that she is not only very experienced, but also a successful and independent woman, is probably what makes me even more nervous about the inevitable situation that is unfolding.

“Trust me, the waiting will be worth it”. I can’t help but smile before I move closer to her.

 It is obvious the long silence in our conversation needed to be broken by some action. It was just moments after I was done taking in the room from the couch that was in the middle of it that she had emptied her glass and put it down on the table that was by now covered with red circles. Her calm demeanour is static when she moves into my direction to gently kiss my lips while supporting my head with her hand on my warm cheek. She goes back into her original position in order for me to process what just happened. Her soft kiss however is the antidote for my paralyzation and I am immediately able to let my body do what it wants to. I grab her neck from behind and forcefully pull her towards to me, let our lips and tongues meet for the first time. An explosion of hormones takes place inside my body, telling it to wake the fuck up for this new experience. The kissing gets more passionate and every movement of our tongues feels like a well-rehearsed dance. I feel that I desperately need to breathe, otherwise I would burst any second. In one movement I stop kissing her and immediately take the opportunity to breathe in deeply. I let the words “holy shit” vibrate through the air of my exhale. “I could not agree more. I have been waiting for this for a long time. Delayed gratification is a great thing however. I enjoyed watching your internal battle. It is priceless”, she explains. “I can’t believe you knew all along!”, I shout out surprised and slightly annoyed. “Trust me, the waiting will be worth it”. I can’t help but smile before I move closer to her.

 She is not wearing a bra, when she takes off her shirt, her small, but perky breasts spoil my eyes and I immediately want to reach for them, but remember my new learned lesson. Instead I decide to take of my blouse and start to open the buttons from the top down. Half way through I get stuck and get reminded of how clumsy I can sometimes be, especially when I am nervous. After a couple of seconds of witnessing my struggle she grabs my blouse from both sides and asks, “does this have any emotional connection to you?”. “N…”, before I can even utter the word my blouse is wide open and the buttons that were previously holding it together have vanished into the white carpet beneath us. “Damn, girl!”, I say before clenching my teeth together to release some of the tension that has built up. At that exact moment the speed of the music increases, making it resonate perfectly with our sexual energy. My heart also seems to have yet another higher gear and starts pumping my blood even faster through my body. Everything seems to reach a different plateau, because also she has reached the point where she is no longer in control of her breath and body. Quickly we help each other take off the rest of the layers that hold the potential to separate our skin from each other. I unconsciously decide to take control and push us down into a horizontal position on the white leader couch and move on top of her.

 She firmly grabs my ass as a response to the licking of her petit nipples and pushes my body harder on to hers.

 I let her eyes and hands take in my body from top to bottom. Seeing how my body is creating this intense increase in arousal for her, in turn makes me horny as fuck. It satisfies me to see that her calmness is not longer a part of this equation when she looks at me with dilated pupils. I bend down to kiss her and slowly move down from her neck to her chest, while simultaneously she explores every inch of my back with her hands. She firmly grabs my ass as a response to the licking of her petit nipples and pushes my body harder on to hers. With gentle bites I determine the hardness of her little mountain tops and the boundary of pleasure and pain for her. “It is time we make this a special memory for you”, she whispers in my ear. At that moment her hand sneaks in between our pelvises and very lightly strokes my whole vagina from back to front. “Fuck”, I moan with a shiver in my voice. With the tip of her tongue she tastes the juice she has collected from between my legs and moves her hand slowly back down. The anticipation makes me go wild and I loudly demand her to “fuck me!”. In the next moment two fingers slide into my tunnel previously only visited by men. With my body I determine the rhythm of the fucking while she moves her fingers to give every spot inside me the attention it deserves before finding the holy grail. I scream in ecstasy while I try to push her fingers as deep down into me as I possibly can. My head falls back making the ceiling the first surface to catch and echo my sounds of pleasure across the room. I take a glimpse of your naked bodies in the mirror before making eye contact with myself. She was absolutely right, this was definitely worth waiting for.

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