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Coffee breaks are sooo 2016...

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Coffee breaks are sooo 2016...

A masturbation break is the best boost for a productive day according doctor in psychology Cliff Arnall.

In the British newspaper Metro the psychologist says that a masturbation session leads to less aggression, higher productivity and a good mood. A masturbation break is the perfect cure for boredom at work, and helps you keep your wits about you. So go ahead and procrasturbate for the greater good.


But there are also a few drawbacks, the psychologist notes.


For example masturbating at work can lead to quite uncomfortable situations at the office (no shit, Sherlock). Or maybe you’ll do not even climax in time for the end of your lunch break, leaving you walking around frustrated the rest of the day.

Last but not least: he encourages employees not to fantasize about a colleague, because it can quickly lead to undesirable behavior. What if that hunk from the third floor were to bump into you when five minutes earlier you fantasized about him taking you firmly from behind against the copier? Awkward…

Whether you want to integrate this kind of breaks in your day is up to you. Masturbation is not illegal, but in many situations we still find it inappropriate to finger paint / paint the ceiling (delete as appropriate) for fifteen minutes so take this career advice with a pinch of salt, or a Kleenex.


Bron: www.flair.be

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