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Bronze dildos

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Bronze dildos

Stimulating toys of metal as we don’t know them anymore.

Archeologists have – where also the first erotic museum in China raised – discovered two bronze dildos on a cemetery for kings and queens. They appeared to be over 2.000 years old.  

Apparently they were used together with a leather or silk string to keep them in position. You should think that it were heavy things if you look at the material but they are absolutely light weighted.

These two bronze dildos weren’t the only sex toys which were taken into the grave; the passed away Han-Chinese from that time had butt plugs from jade in their behinds. People believed that this kept the good energy named chi in their bodies.

The main philosophers from the Chinese ancient time think that sex was even important as eating and drinking. We totally agree!


Photo: Yizheng Museum

Sources: Wetenschap in Beeld, NRC.

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