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Best Positions for Your G-Spot!

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Best Positions for Your G-Spot!

My G-spot is an essential pleasure point in order for me to orgasm. However, sometimes it can be tough to target my G-spot during PIV (penis in vagina) sex.

By Rebecca Dane

As a sex toy reviewer, I have my favourite toys that hit the spot with the right pressure and width that can have me shaking in minutes. The same can be said for my partner’s fingers, especially after a bit of communication about preferences. Thankfully, there are some positions that make this occurrence much easier! I’ve listed a few of them that might help you, too! 

Please note that while these positions are written in terms of PIV sex, they can be performed with a strap-on, a toy, etc.


1. Missionary With Support


This position is a classic one but is often not an ideal way to stimulate a G-spot. However, it can easily be improved by adding some support underneath your hips. You can add a pillow or a sex accessory like a wedge to raise the angle of your hips and raise your body just enough to allow for G-spot stimulation. The best part is that you can use as many or as few pillows are you desire, with each height creating a different angle. If you aren’t interested in using props, then try angling your hips upward – this alone might have a positive result.


2. Legs-Over-Shoulder


If your legs have some flexibility, then wrapping them over your partner’s shoulders will naturally angle your hips higher up, which will allow for deeper penetration and more targeted G-spot stimulation. Resting your legs on your partner’s shoulders can help support lifting your body if you need that extra balance. For an extra bonus, try crossing your legs in front of your partner while they are still elevated – this will create more friction for both of you. If you ever needed a reason to do your stretching at the gym… this is it!


3. Cowgirl


The best part about ‘cowgirl’ is that you have control! Cowgirl means that you are on top of your partner, whether they are lying down on a surface or sitting on a couch or a chair. When you are on top, you can more easily control the depth, angle, speed and friction of the penetration, making it easier to target what you like. If you also enjoy clitoral stimulation, being on top allows easy access for your hands or your partner’s hands to pleasure that erogenous zone too!


4. Reverse Cowgirl


Reverse cowgirl allows for the same control as ‘cowgirl’, except that you get on top of your partner and face the other direction. They’ll get an incredible view while you still control your movements. Your sensations will be different than the regular version of ‘cowgirl’ because you are facing another direction. If there is a slight curve to your partner’s penis or dildo, then all the more reason to try out a different angle! You might unlock a great combination!


5. Doggie Style


As many people know, doggie style is when you get on your knees and your partner penetrates you from behind. This often allows for the deepest penetration and also has a high chance of properly targeting your G-spot. If you enjoy this position but need a little support, you can prop yourself up with the help of some pillows. Alternatively, you can lean against a counter or a table (or anything, really) while your partner remains behind you. Find the angle and height that work for you!


6. Anal Sex


Believe it or not, anal sex is a great way to stimulate your G-spot! This is due to the close proximity of the vaginal cavity and anal cavity, mixed with the angle created by anal sex. It is considered indirect stimulation, but it is credited for a lot of anal sex orgasms. Like doggie style, clitoral stimulation is easy to do too (and can often help relax any overall tension to make anal sex easier). For anal, always remember to use lube!

Some of these positions might just be perfect for you… but you won’t know until you try! Have fun experimenting and let us know how it goes! If you’re wondering what my favourite is – I’d start with the legs-over-the-shoulder and throw in a clit vibe while you’re at it! Have fun!


Rebecca Dane

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