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Angelina Jolie most inspirational woman

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Angelina Jolie most inspirational woman

We are celebrating women from all over the world today and throw a little party for Angelina Jolie.

Today the whole world is celebrating women, it is impossible to miss, the 8th of march we celebrate International Women’s Day!  

For more than 100 years now, International Women's Day is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. The day also marks a call to action for accelerating gender parity. If you want to know more on International Women’s Day you can find lot’s of information on this website.

This week we have focused on the special day wearing huge DUSK glasses. We decided to honor the women that contributed to the sexual revolution. Through the ages women have fought fiercely for sexual freedom, something we are profiting from and e joying immensely!

From our selection of 5 powerful women you chose Angelina Jolie as the most inspiring sexual power woman. And we agree.

Today we celebrate women everywhere and we are bringing a special ode to Angelina.


Angelina Jolie in Tomb Raider


Sex bomb looks

What is it with Angelina Jolie and sexuality? Well, maybe the question is: is there anything about this gorgeous woman that is not sexual?

We can’t ignore her looks, let’s be honest. She is and has an unique beauty, unmatched by others. Big insightful eyes, even larger full lips, cheekbones that seemed to be chiseled out of marble, a slender but muscled toned body, long thick wavy hair and perfect breasts (we get back to those later). Her looks make Barbie cry and run to her plastic surgeon.

If her character wears her hair short, creative and dark ( ‘Hackers’) or is she’s shrouded in messy blond hair ( ‘Girl interrupted’), or even when she is a butch action hero ( ‘Tomb Raider’) running around: Angelina is smoking sexy.  

Of course with those looks alone you are not there yet ( although a lot of women use plastic surgery to look just like her), Angelina is as amazing as she is, because she is a multi-talented creature, she radiates strength and acts when needed, where needed. She is a sexual power woman and a huge inspiration for women everywhere.


Coming out as bisexual

For most of us Angelina Jolie was the life partner and big love of Brad Pitt (..or was that Jennifer Aniston?) but the actrice has revealed in several interviews to be bisexual. In 1996 she was involved with model and actrice Jenny Shimizu, her co-star in the tv drama ‘Foxfire’. That makes her even more attractive for women and men, but more importantly, she came out when a lot of Hollywood stars were hiding in the closet. Creating important first steps in sexual freedom.


Breast amputation

We wrote about her perfect bosom, that was amazingly full compared to her slim figure. In 2016 she had them replaced by plastic surgeons, but not for cosmetic reasons! Her mother died from breast cancer at the age of 56 and Angelina found out she was carrier of the same BRCA1-gene. The mother of 6 made her choice: her breasts had to be amputated. According to Jolie this reduces her changes from 87% to less than 5%.


Gender identity

Her 11 year old daughter Shiloh has been wearing boys clothing since she said she wanted to be a boy at 2. Her parents were always cool about that and let her dress the way she wants privately and in public. It is clearly not just a childish phase when 10 years later Shiloh is still dressing and acting like a boy. ‘Sources’ even say that she started hormone treatment, the first step in the process of changing her gender.  With this openness Jolie is giving public support to a lot of people that struggle with their gender identity.



While fighting for all human rights everywhere, Angelina focusses especially on the rights of (female) refugees. She is a strong apostle against sexual violence, creating the PSVI: Sexual Violence Initiative, speaking to world leaders on the G8 and various UN meetings. If you like to know more about her humanitarian work read this Time Magazine article on her humanitarian work.


Oh we could go on for hours! Would you like to look like her? Of maybe smell just like her? What do you love about Angelina Jolie? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter!



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