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A Spot of Tea: The Role of Drinks in Aftercare

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A Spot of Tea: The Role of Drinks in Aftercare

Never neglect the post-sex drink.

By Emmeline Peaches

The handcuffs are undone, bodies are red with passion and the impact of your session, and eyes are glazed over in a satisfied haze. Then comes the much-craved whisper at the end of it all: “Would you like a cup of tea?”

Okay, so those might not be the exact words but the principle stands—a drink after an intense session (be it sex or BDSM) is very important.


Hydration Matters

Sex is a wonderful experience, but it’s also very physically and mentally demanding in many ways.

Come the end of it all, it pays to have a drink to hand so that all those involved can satisfy their thirst should the occasion demand.

In longer and larger sessions, a bottle of water may also be necessary during sex too, and should be considered part of the prep work (and maybe even some snacks too). Aside from being important if any of you crave a drop to drink (or a tool to cool down) it can also be used to revitalize any water-based lubricant that you use too, giving it a new lease of slippery life. 


Before the Act

Surprisingly staying hydrated can also be an important factor to consider way before sex too. Cells depend on hydration to function at full capacity and, apparently, if you deprive these cells of hydration your sexual hormones suffer, causing a drastic loss of libido. Considering about 75% of Americans are drinking less than the recommended amount of fluids, this could be a serious issue for many.

But, today, we’re not here to lecture you about getting your eight glasses a day in; we’re here to talk about what we think the best post-sex drinks are.

Post-sex drinks aren’t just about hydration; restoring vital minerals, giving the person energy, and helping them get back in to a comforting and calm mentality can be just as important. Sometimes water is needed, sometimes it’s tea, but, as always, knowing which one to deploy is what matters.



Water is good for people who just want a quick release from a dry throat before settling down to relax or come down from the intensity of a scene. Ice cold water might seem tempting but don’t go too over the top with the ice—lest you risk making gulping the drink down a painful, brain-freezing challenge.


Energy/Sports Drink

Energy drinks are good for restoring hydrolytes if there’s been a lot of sweating and strenuous activity, but it’s not the healthiest of options. Not to mention the kick of caffeine that some supply.

This should be considered infrequently, but might just be the guilty and quick-working treat that is needed in some situations. Just make sure not to use a heavily caffeine-based drink are a very mentally taxing scene, otherwise an oasis of settling calm might be hard to achieve.



Another ‘get up and go’ drink (with the same warning attached as above) coffee is your quick fix for when you really, really have to get on with other activities.

Perhaps your sex was a quickie. In which case it might even pay to pop on the kettle before you start so that your coffee is good to go when you need it afterwards. It always helps to plan ahead, after all.



Aaaaah, tea. Not only is this a good option for a cold or cosy night in, but it also comes with so much variety that it’s hard not to find an option that works for someone.

Classic milk and sugar? Doable. Herbal? No problem. Want something cold? Ice tea is an option.

Tea is great for letting the mind and body settle and bringing that homely atmosphere that promotes affection and bonding. What’s not to love?


A Fruit Smoothie/Juice

For those who want that kick of sugar and vitamins but also still want to seem healthy, fruit smoothies and juices are the way to go.

Much like tea, by mixing things up with different fruit & vegetable combinations you can greatly vary the post-sex ambiance that a fruit smoothie or juice can achieve. If you need a kick up the ass to get back in to the day then ginger is always a great addition to add. Want to be a bit more decadent (and get some extra calories in)? Then adding a nut butter to the mix is a nice little trick.

Protein powder can also be used if you skipped a big meal in favour of fucking. Just make sure you stick to the recommended regulations for calories, smoothie, and juice intake. It’s a lot more sugar-packed then you might expect.


Hot Chocolate

The king of decadent post-sex treats, hot chocolate is especially good after an intense scene or to show your affection/admiration for your lover.

The best thing about hot chocolate is that you can make it as simple or decadent as you wish, and use this to your advantage to make drink-inspired displays of your affection.

Hot chocolate is also so intricate in some cases that you can also make it a post-sex bonding activity, as you melt the chocolate in to the milk, prepare the marshmallows, and (mis)use the whipped cream as part of your playful preparation.

Plus, you could always add some chocolate syrup and ‘accidentally’ spill it along the way. Just a suggestion.


And That’s All For Now!

As you can see, post-sex drinks can be a versatile, loving, and playful part of the after-sex experience and can really make all the difference for how you enjoy the rest of your day.

Whether you need energy to get going or fancy something sweet to snuggle with, there’s a drink out there to help you achieve your goals. Never neglect the post-sex drink. Trust us.


Emmeline Peaches 

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