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A knight in disguise

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A knight in disguise

When my father had decided I should marry a murderous, but very rich, pervert, I hid in the place no one would ever look for a woman.

By Michelle Malou

The sounds of my heavy boots disperse through the vastness of the throne hall but it is mostly the squeaking of my armour that makes my presence very evident and nearly embarrassing. It needs oiling. The high arched ceiling far above me is being held up by six massive pillars. Apart from the six static guards next to them, there are no other moveable objects present, giving the space a cold and intimidating feeling. Months ago, the king had ordered his troops to take over the faraway territory of an old king. However, he had projected the other king’s weakness on to his troops and thereby completely underestimated the power needed to take over the kingdom. His dream of victory turned into a slaughter. Now he had summoned the sole surviving knight of his army, the last man standing. At least that was what he thought. Under the heavy, and squeaky, armour where the breasts of a woman.

When my father had decided I should marry a murderous, but very rich, pervert, I hid in the place no one would ever look for a woman.

While the distance between the king and me continues to decrease, I wonder if I would have been better of dying on the battlefield. I kneel and watch him closely through the slit of my helmet. His strong appearance lives up to his reputation. “State your name!” he yells and I understand he has no one else to blame for his failure except me. “Sir Gareth,” I say with the deepest tones my voice is able to produce. “Remove your helmet!” he orders aggressively.

“If you fight like a man, you can take pain like a man”

I am paralyzed and my breathing becomes deeper, making me fully aware of my bind breasts under the steel of the armour. “I order you to remove your helmet”, he screams in full fury. I decide I will not postpone the inevitable any longer. I grab the helmet from both sides and lift it upwards. In order to present the truth more profound, I loosen my hair and let it cascade down towards the floor. His eyes widen but he does not say anything. Seconds later he gets up from his throne and takes big steps in my direction. It is impossible to distinguish the emotions he is feeling right now. I swallow heavily, shortly closing my eyes in the process. He stops right in front of me, passive-aggressively invading my personal space. His eyes stay focused on me while he removes his glove and runs his finger slowly and consciously over my hairless jaw. “If you fight like a man, you can take pain like a man,” he shouts and raises his naked hand high into the air. With high velocity and force his hand races in the direction of my face. My action, or rather reaction, is likely going to mean my immediate death and I should let his hand hit my face, but I am just too proud. Halfway his hand is intercepted by mine and I am firmly holding our arms jointly up in the air. He looks at me with disbelieve. This was likely to first time in his life he had felt any opposition, from a woman no less. “Leave!” he grunts loudly through the hall. While his voice echoes through the vast hall, the six guards walk in a synchronized manner towards the door, the last two each holding one side of the door pull in loudly shut behind them. We are alone.

"You are the king. You can do with me whatever you want”

Suddenly, I witness a hesitation in his eyes and understand that the expected scenario isn't unfolding. Slowly, I loosen my grip of my fingers on his arm and when nothing happens it becomes clear I am the one in control. His eyes move up and down the armour, as wanting to look through it onto my body, making sure I am really a woman. Without saying anything I start to undo the armour and see how each step closer to the truth confronts his mind with a reality he never even had considered in his dreams. I unbind my breasts and see how he feels both betrayed and aroused. I step out of the pile of armour and clothes on the ground and slowly move my fingers through his firm beard, trying to shadow his feeling of betrayal. I take his hand that was previously coming towards my face and place it between my legs. and vanish. In order to decrease the distance between my mouth and his ear and simultaneously between his hand and my cunt, I get on my toes. I shortly moan when I feel the rough skin of his thick fingers move against the sensitive skin all the way up my inner thigh. "You are the king. You can do with me whatever you want," I whisper seductively into his ear. Never have I been so vulnerable in my life, fully naked, my life in his hands. I am not sure if my mind is playing tricks on me, but this idea makes me so horny and I am ready to fuck for my life. "Fuck me. Remind me that I am a woman and you are the man," I moan helplessly while I pull on his beard. In the next moment, his gloved hand is engulfing my throat and he moves his face close to mine. "Yes, I am the king", he states, taking back the power in the hall of his throne.

With one smooth movement, I let my warm and wet core glide over it and my fear instantly transforms into arousal again.

For a moment, I am afraid I will never breathe again but he lets go of my throat and swiftly removes his pants. I can't help but let my eyes wander down. My cunt spasms at the sight of his royal cock. He turns me around and pushes my torso down to a horizontal position. Immediately, he is inside me. His hands are on each side of my hips and they jointly pull my body all the way onto his hard shaft. When my butt is pressed on his belly and he is completely inside me, he groans, pauses shortly and pushes just a bit further. All my fear releases and turns into pleasure. Without thinking about it, I move my hand towards my clit and start stimulating it gently with my finger. "Show me how the king fucks!", I demand him and at once he starts trusting himself hard and deep into me. His big hands surround my hips from all sides and with force, he is able to reach the most amazing spot inside of me. His noises are loud and deep. He bends a bit forward and gravity pulls down his large and heavy crown of his head. It rolls towards the armour on the ground and gets stopped by my helmet. Half consciously I observe the contrast between the gold of the crown and the grey steel of my hiding place. I cannot control my voice as each time he has reached the end of my female tunnel, I express my genuine pleasure loudly. My moaning gets faster and louder in response to his movements and with the help of my finger, I seem to reach a different plateau. He screams loudly as if he is letting go of all his frustration and suddenly stops when he is inside me. He rubs his hand palm hard down on my tailbone and moves it up my spine to my neck. I can feel how the thought of killing me has formed in his head.

I need to take control of the situation again and wrench myself out of his arms while trying not to make the movements to sudden. "You should get back to your throne," I say quietly and place my fingers on his chest and gently start pushing backwards. His eyes stay mad, but there seems to be something about me or the situation that compels him to follow my gesture, so he slowly starts walking backwards to his large throne. I keep pushing until his calves have reached the throne and he is forced to sit down. Immediately, I put my right foot on his shoulder, giving him a good view of the parts he controls now. His cock is pointing right at it and I just have to move down. With one smooth movement, I let my warm and wet core glide over it and my fear instantly transforms into arousal again. He lets his hand move over the sides of my body before he grabs me tightly and helps me to put more force behind the fucking. When his eyes start to twitch, I understand I don't need to worry anymore and let my head fall backwards. His trusts become short and forceful and I keep my focus on the energy that is building up. His groins and my screams fill the empty space of the hall. "Ah, what will I do with you?" he says in confusion when he opens his eyes again.


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