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8 ways to have great sex in the shower

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8 ways to have great sex in the shower

Shower sex can be a tricky ordeal but with these tips you will really enjoy it.

By Rebecca Dane


Shower sex can be a tricky ordeal! Shower sex is meant to be steamy (pun intended) but occasionally can be pretty slippery. It isn’t always successful, but when it works, it really works.

Our main tips for successful shower sex: anti-slip grips on the bottom of the tub, and silicone lubricant. Silicone lubricant is “water-proof” because it is essentially oil based. The body’s natural lubricants will wash right off but silicone lube will stay on for longer.

Once you’re all set up, here are eight ways to have great sex in the shower!


1. Bending Over

This is by far the easiest position to have penetrative sex in the shower. The person bends over so their partner is standing behind them. Bending over allows for the butt and genital area to stick up higher in the air for easier access, and also can allow for the person to grip onto something with their hands. Essentially, bend over, grab onto something, and spread your legs as needed. It’s doggie style but for the shower. Hip holding is a good way to stabilize the two of you together.


2. Leg Up

When you stand facing each other, the anatomy doesn’t quite line up. Lifting a leg can help solve this. If there is a huge height difference, it might not work. But if there is a minimal difference, then lift a leg and have the other partner hold onto it. Hook it around your partner’s arm or back, or simply place the foot onto the edge of the tub or shower shelf.


3. Shower Accessories

Did you know that shower sex accessories exist? If the first two positions are a little bit tough, then you might want to consider purchasing some. There are non-slip footstools available (to help with balance and height). There are also suction-cup handles to create a space to hold onto. We've seen handcuffs be suggested but we’re not sure how that would work. Please don’t rip out your plumbing because you’ve put all of your weight on a set of handcuffs attached to the showerhead. That would not be good.


4. Lotus Style

If the upright positions are too tricky, and if your shower space allows for it – you can use the tub like you would use a couch. It’s not going to be as comfortable, so getting into the ‘cowgirl’ position might not be great. However, getting into the lotus position can make the whole thing a lot easier and less painful. Have your partner sit with their legs extended and get on their lap. Then you wrap your legs around their waist for leverage.


5. Head

If you’re not having success with penetrative sex, then consider another favourite option! Shower head! Actually, it sounds easier than it is, and you need to be comfortable on your knees. Make sure that the stream of water is streaming onto the back of the person standing, instead of splashing over their genitals. The person performing the act should keep their eyes closed to avoid secondary spray. If your knees are uncomfortable, we’ve seen suggestions of placing a towel inside of the shower to add padding. You end up with a soaking wet towel, but at least your knees will be happy (and hopefully you and your partner, too!).  Depending on the shape/size of your shower/tub, someone can sit on the edge of the tub as well, for easier and lower access.


6. Mutual Masturbation

If you’re not digging the kneeling aspect of giving head in a shower, then mutual masturbation can be a great option. It’s fun for all people involved, and it also provides instant cleanup. You can huddle together under the water stream to keep close. No further explanation needed.


7. Solo Sex or Added Toys

Some of your sex toys might actually be waterproof. It’s not just a luxury reserved for the most expensive toys, it’s becoming much more affordable to have toys that can play in the tub. Bring some along with you to have a solo sex session with yourself, or add it to your partnered sex. Make sure it’s waterproof, and make sure you seal all the battery sections properly (if needed).


8. Warm Up

Sometimes shower sex just isn’t possible (or maybe just not enjoyable, that’s okay too). BUT one of our favourite things to do in the shower is soap each other up. It’s like a full body massage for both people, complete with lots of kisses. Then when we’re both squeaky clean, we head to the bedroom to have even more fun.


Shower sex can be hit or miss, but with these tips, we hope you find something you like! Let us know – are you a fan or would you rather skip it?


Rebecca Dane
A Couple of Kinks 



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