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8 sexy positions to do under the covers

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8 sexy positions to do under the covers

Hot positions you can do without leaving the warmth of your bed.

Fall has officially arrived, and that means winter is on the way! It also means that it is just chilly enough to stay cozy under the bed covers.

Honestly, this is my favourite thing to do. I am a major fan of what I like to call “cozy sex.” This is where my partner and I do fun, naughty things, while totally covered by blankets. It’s cozy, and excuse the pun… really hot!

Here are 8 positions to enjoy while staying under the covers:


1. The Spoon

This is as lazy and as snuggly as it can get. There is almost nothing better than a morning spoon session when the air around you is a bit crisp, and your blankets are nice and fluffy.

If you don’t want to stop cuddling, just have your partner slip into you from the same position. It might need a tiny bit of maneuvering for the angle, but you’ll still be able to spoon all morning long.


2. Missionary

Of course, this one is also easy to do under the covers! Have your partner get on top of you, and keep the blankets up past your shoulders. If it starts to get a little warm, then just slide the covers down a little bit. Your pillows make for excellent props, too!


3. Sitting

If you’re enjoying hugging each other, move into a sitting position that will get you to give a full body hug. Get on top of your partner and make sure all of your legs are wrapped around each other. Don’t forget to pile the blanket around you to make it extra cozy.


4. Modified Doggy

Mmm… this is our favourite to do under the covers. Get comfortable on your stomach and have your partner get on top of you. You don’t need to prop yourself up or get on your knees, you just continue to lie flat. Spread your legs a part a little bit and basically have your partner do all the work. It’s fantastic, and you get to easily stay under the covers.


5. Lower Cowgirl

If you want to be the one who does more work, then you can climb onto your partner. Don’t fully sit up like you would during cowgirl. Instead, make sure to keep your chests close to each other. This will guide a very slow, sensual version of cowgirl, where you’ll have all the control and all of the blankets.


6. The Bear

If you want to be fully embraced by your partner and your covers, then this position will work for you. Essentially, you get into the fetal position with your knees all the way up to your chest. Then, your partner finds a good angle and wraps their body around you. You can do this on your front or your side. If you enjoy feeling totally enveloped by your partner, this will do the trick.


7. Side of the Bed

If you’re a couple that enjoys different temperature settings, then you can compromise by having one person on the bed, under the covers, and the other person on the side of the bed. The person on the bed can be almost fully under the covers, while their legs will be over the side of the bed. Don’t worry, in this position, both people will quickly warm up from the motions.


8. Face sitting

If your partner really enjoys being surrounded by your body, then they might enjoy feeling even more covered up. Have your partner get under the covers completely, and then proceed to sit on their face. Not only will they feel totally surrounded by your body and the blanket, it will also add a dimension of sensory deprivation. You can always pull the blanket up to cover your body and leave their legs exposed. And remember to give them some fresh air every so often.


Do you have any other steamy suggestions? Let us know – it’s going to be a long winter with a lot of opportunities to get extra snuggly under the blankets.



Rebecca Dane
A Couple of Kinks

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