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8 Easy Sex Positions!

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8 Easy Sex Positions!

Sex doesn’t have to be complicated!

By Rebecca Dane, A Couple of Kinks

All those fancy positions that have you doing cartwheels or headstands on the stairs aren’t necessary to have a good time. Sticking to the basics can be a lot of fun, especially when you throw in a few little twists!


1. Missionary, Legs

This position is often assumed to be boring, but we can assure you that it is not! Every time you move your legs in a different way, it will create a different sensation. If you lift your feet and pull your knees into your chest, it will feel deeper and will hit different spots. Move your knees closer to your or father away. It’s up to you – just find what you like!


2. Missionary, Pillow

Alternatively or in addition to the first suggestion, put a pillow under your hips. This will raise your hip area and create a different angle for penetration. Start with one pillow, but you can add however many you like. You can also buy “sex furniture” like wedges that provide more support and can create similar body angles.


3. Edge of the Bed

We’ll give away a little secret… this is one of our favorite positions and it is super simple. The receiver should position themselves at the edge of the bed so their legs are kind of dangling off the bed or hovering in the air. If they put their pelvic area at the edge of the bed, it is easy for the other person to penetrate them while standing. Pillows might help with any height differences.  For us, this is the best for G-Spot stimulation.


4. Counters!

A similar position requires some counter space! If you have privacy, you can move your session to the kitchen or the bathroom to enjoy the height of the counter. The receiver should position themselves sitting on the counter with their pelvic area resting right on the edge. This won’t work with all counters due to height differences, but it is always fun to try!


5. Cowgirl, Regular

Cowgirl is when the receiver is actually on top. This means that you can control exactly what you like at the speed and rhythm that you like.  You can move your hips up and down or forward and backward. You can have your partner support you with their arms to help keep the motions smooth.


6. Cowgirl, Lying down

Stay on top of your partner, but lean forward so your faces are next to each other. If there is a headboard, you can hold onto it. If there is no headboard, then just grab the edge of the bed to help you out. Your chests will be pressed against each other and will provide a “closer” position. Some people feel more in control at this angle, especially if you have something to grip onto that helps with your movements.


7. Doggy Style, Modified

Doggy style is often portrayed as rough, but it really doesn’t have to be. Again, grab your pillows for help with this position. Place them underneath your stomach and chest until you are comfortable. Your partner might have to modify their angle depending on the height situation. They can stand on the floor next to the side of the bed or they can kneel on the bed. The pillows are key in this position so you don’t need to hold yourself up!


8. Spooning

This position is great for a little bit of morning sex. You basically spoon each other and your partner enters you from behind. You might have to shift your bodies a bit to get the right angle, but once it works, it is a great way to help wake you up.


Did we miss anything? Let us know about other easy positions that you love!

Rebecca Dane


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