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8 different ways to orgasm

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8 different ways to orgasm

Oh yes! There are that many ways to the big O.

By Emmeline Peaches

Orgasms aren’t the be-all and end-all of sexual experiences, but they are pretty great and many of us enjoy reaching the apex of a really strong, fulfilling orgasm.

Others are still hoping to achieve that state of climax known as an orgasm. It’s a sad fact that our society has placed so much importance on orgasms that the absence of them, or inability to reach one, is often seen as shameful, but there is nothing wrong with a person if they cannot orgasm, at least not by default.

Many medical professionals share a consensus when it comes to sexual health problems, which is that a sexual behaviour is not a ‘problem’ or something to diagnose unless the person/people involved see it as such. In other words, our journey to obtaining orgasms is what we make of it (should we choose to embark upon it at all).

But achieving an orgasm is a whole lot easier if you know just what an orgasm is and, to be more specific, what orgasm we’re talking about. Oh yes – there’s more than one type, and each will produce its own distinct sensation.

So, read along as we explore the many types of orgasm. You may even discover some you didn’t know about!


What Is An Orgasm?

An orgasm is a feeling of intense sexual pleasure with a corresponding physical response from the body. That’s not the most glamorous description, but it is what an orgasm pans down to and it’s important to understand just how vague and individualised an orgasm can be.

That being said the physical culmination of an orgasm will feel similar for most people. It includes (but is not limited to):

An increased heartbeat.

Rapid breathing.

Contractions of the genital muscles (think an exercise cramp, only sexier).

The release of fluids in the body: Either sperm or a clear fluid, such as female ejaculation.

For people with a vagina, multiple orgasms may be achievable within a short time of each other. For those with a penis there tends to be a ‘refill’ period, known as the recovery (or refractory) phase. Sorry folks.

Broken down orgasms are basically a muscle spasm that comes after sexual arousal and this means that the type of orgasm possible is as varied as the points of arousal for the human body. Some people have even been known to orgasm from the sensation of brushing their teeth, though such incidences are rare.

In terms of the most common orgasms, you’ll be looking at the following.


Clitoral Orgasm

It’s been reported that as many as 80% or women require some form of clitoral stimulation during sex to reach a climax. This comes from a poll of 1,000 women aged 18-94 from the Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy and is generally accepted as the norm.

A clitoral orgasm is achieved by either direct (touching, flicking, licking, sucking, etc.) or indirect (pressure, swirling around, touching/placing vibrations near) stimulation of the clitoris.

It generally feels like a swelling sensation followed by vaginal muscle contractions and a throbbing of the clitoris during and immediately after.


G-Spot Orgasm

Named after Ernst Gräfenberg the G-spot is an orgasm achieved by stimulating the soft, squishy tissue that resides about 5-8cm up the front (anterior) wall of the vagina. This is best achieved with either fingers or an angled penetrative object that puts pressure on this area.

G-Spot orgasms are highly coveted, and can sometimes lead to female ejaculation. They tend to be best achieved by involving some form of clitoral stimulation too and feel like an intense, internal muscle contraction.

Check out our sexy educational video on the G-spot by our favorite sex-professor Jessica Drake!


Penile Orgasm

The default orgasm achieved by those with a penis, penile orgasms are the muscle-clenching climaxes that force ejaculation out of the body with their tightening and releasing sensations.

This form of orgasm can be achieved through direct stimulation of the shaft and glans, orally, via hand, or through penetration. Suction or vibrations can also be effective depending on the user.


Prostate Orgasm

Members of the male anatomy will have a prostate gland located internally between the bladder and the penis, just in front of the rectum. It can be stimulated by created pressure and rhythm inside the anterior wall of the rectum or externally via pressing on the section between the scrotum and the anal opening.

These orgasms tend to coincide with penile orgasms and have been described as incredibly intense. They may also have some health benefits and fight against prostate cancer, which is a bonus. They do, however, tend to be most effective with anal stimulation, which might mean breaking through some stigmas to reach maximum pleasure.


Cervical Orgasm

Stimulating the cervix – the opening of the uterus right at the end of the vaginal canal – is like the Marmite of the orgasm world. Folks either love the sensation or they hate it.

This one is achieved by deep penetration (either with a lengthy penis or a suitable sex toy) due to the location of the cervix, but the sensations it produces combine well with vaginal contractions and have been described as deeper in sensation (and naturally so).

Very similar is the…


A-Spot Orgasm

The A-Spot, also known as the anterior fornix erogenous zone, is the section just before the cervix, and also responds very well to firm, curved pressure and stimulation.

Toys are now being designed to hit this spot with a very similar anatomy to G-Spotting toys but with a bit more length, to get that deeper penetration that is required for the curvature to hit its mark.

If achieved then these orgasms are reputedly as profound and intense as cervical orgasms but without any of that bashing against the wall of the uterus, which some people find too grating.


U-Spot Orgasm

Areas for orgasm really are popping up everywhere, including the area surrounding the urethra.

A bit of a novel instance in terms of labelling (and whether it needs a label or not), U-spot orgasms involve stimulating the area surrounding the urethra, which responds best when well lubricated and treated very sensitively.

As you might imagine, this feels very similar to a clitoral orgasm if the clit decided to tag in a buddy to join the fun. Be careful with this one though and always use clean hands – urinary tract infections are a thing.


Blended Orgasm

This isn’t necessarily a type of orgasm but is the name that some people choose to give orgasms that are triggered by stimulating more than one erogenous zone and subsequently gaining a reaction from both simultaneously. Think putting a vibrator to a clitoris while using a G-Spotting dildo internally, or experiencing a handjob while a butt-plug or strap-on is inserted in the anus.

The results are considered by many to be very gratifying, because you’re essentially hitting multiple pleasure points at once, and who doesn’t like their cake with a little cherry added on top for good measure?


And That’s All For Now!

Nipple orgasms, skin orgasms, mind orgasms, eyelash orgasms! We could go on and on about every single minute erogenous zone that has been associated with a climax of some sort of another. However, we feel like the ones included here are a good representation of the main points of pleasure and the physical sensations that might let you know that you’ve struck sexual gold.

Just remember – most orgasms are achieved through arousal and release, so feeling nervous, pressured, or expectant when trying to reach a certain orgasm (or any orgasm at all) is probably going to be your biggest enemy in achieving it.

Sex is fun no matter the form it takes, so just allow yourself to enjoy the experiences that you have. You’ll find your sexual groove, orgasm or no orgasm.


Emmeline Peaches 



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