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7 sexy ways to keep warm when it’s freezing outside

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7 sexy ways to keep warm when it’s freezing outside

How to get hot in cold weather.

By Rebecca Dane


If you are north of the equator, things are about to get a little bit chillier if they haven’t already. The weather in my city keeps dipping below 0 degrees Celsius and teasing us with a little bit of snow.

While I am not a big fan of the winter months, there are definitely things that make them go by faster. Things like what I do inside my home with a certain special someone.

Below is a list of fun hot things to do this winter to help keep you warm in these dark, cold days.


1. Sex Under the Covers

If you’ve been following the Dusk TV magazine, then you know we recently wrote about having sex under the covers. This is absolutely my favourite thing to do, and you should read our article to discover fun positions if you haven’t read it already. We call under-the-cover sex “cozy sex,” which is pretty self-explanatory.


2. Massage Oil

Did you know that there is massage oil that warms up as you use it? If your partner is willing, then buckle down for a night of massaging each other. There’s something truly wonderful about touching each other all over without it necessarily becoming sexual. Receiving a massage might seem like the best part, but getting to feel every inch of your partner can be incredibly romantic. Their shoulders, their thighs, below their butt… yum! Make sure to check the ingredients before using any massage oil on genitals – they are not all meant to be used on sensitive areas.


3. Warming Lube

If you are looking for a nice warm genital massage, then consider using a warming lubricant! Always, always, check the ingredients to make sure they are body safe and genital safe. There are several online articles from sex toy reviewers about safe lubes versus dangerous ingredients. We personally use Sliquid Sensations because we know it is safe.


4. Wax Play!

Want to explore wax play? There’s no better time than the present! Also, no better way to add a little bit of warmth into your session. It can be a fun step into exploring different kinks too and practice getting artsy with the wax.

Please take note that not all candles are suitable to drip hot wax onto a body. There are special lower-temperature candles that are intended for this type of sensual playtime. Do not use the candles you already have in your house! British company KinkCraft has a nice variety of candles and some really great videos on how to actually experiment with wax.


5. Hot Shower / Bathtub / Private Hot Tub

Basically, get yourself into some hot water. When I get really, really cold during the winter months (like down-to-my-bones cold), I find the only way to warm me up is to take a hot shower. Warm clothes and blankets don’t always do the trick. Sometimes you just need to steam up the bathroom.

Getting into hot water with a partner can be even better, even if it is just to soap each other up. You can always bring in accessories like silicone lube and waterproof toys. Sometimes we soap each other up in the shower and then move into the bedroom to get each other dirty again.


6. Fireplace!

It sounds really, really cliché but that’s part of the experience! If you find yourselves to be alone in front of a fireplace, then take advantage of it and shed some clothes together.

Fireplaces always make me think of a country house getaway, which is super romantic to begin with.  Having sex on a rug in front of a fireplace is definitely on our bucket list. It’s a cliché for a reason right?

Faux fur rug? Even better.


7. Hot Chocolate

Sometimes the best steamy evenings are those where you’re bundled up next to each other on the couch, drinking some damn good hot chocolate. With the busy holiday season coming up, make sure to get in some quality cuddling time and feel connected to each other.

Have any more ideas to keep it hot hot hot? Let us know what tricks and tips you have!



Rebecca Dane
A Couple of Kinks



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