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5 ways to have sex while there is way too much family staying over

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5 ways to have sex while there is way too much family staying over

How to have sex when the house is filled with family members!

By Rebecca Dane

When the wonderful editors at Dusk TV suggested that we write about this topic, we couldn’t help but laugh. So far this December, we have spent two entire weeks straight with my family. It’s not even the week of Christmas yet, and it’s already been two entire weeks of relatives.

So when I read the subject of this article, I shared it with my partner and we just laughed at it. It is perfectly fitting for the month we are having.

It’s also probably perfectly fitting for a lot of people reading this article.

So what do you do when you have too much family staying over?

These five tips.


Practice Being Quiet

Remember back in the day when you lived at home and you snuck someone over or sneakily closed your bedroom door when you weren’t allowed to? Remember how quiet you had to be? Well, it’s time to bring that back! Don’t roll your eyes just yet – there is a slight charm to the whole thing when you’re not allowed to make even the tiniest bit of noise. If you’re used to rocking the bed and screaming through the hallways, it can be quite the challenge to remain silent. For us, focusing on not making noise can amplify the entire experience. Putting noise restrictions can change the dynamic and have you finding different ways of showing how good you feel.


Practice Oral Sex

There are some sex acts that are naturally louder than other. We’re not talking about your moans and squeals – we are talking about how much the furniture moves. PIV (penis-in-vagina) or similar sex acts can cause mattresses to squeak, headboards to hit the walls, or chair legs scraping the floors. It can be a lot of fun, but not when your family is in the spare bedroom. If you’re worried about making too much noise, just focus on acts that require less overall movement. For us, oral sex can often be a gateway to PIV sex instead of an entire act on its own. When we’re trying to be subtly and quiet, giving/receiving oral sex from start to finish can feel refreshing.


Revert to Manual Play

Sadly, it isn’t the time to break out your vibrators. If you’re anything like us, we love to incorporate sex toys in our routines. However, vibrators make noise and sex toys need to be cleaned. Sneaking a Fleshlight or dildo in and out of the bathroom is not ideal when you have family members walking around. If you’ve become accustomed to using sex toys, you can take this opportunity to revert to sex-toy-less sex. It might sound daunting, but it can be a fun way to re-explore each other’s bodies and spend longer bringing each other to orgasm. If you cannot orgasm without a sex toy, then maybe skip this one and opt for the quietest and smallest bedroom additions instead. 


Car Sex

If nothing is working inside the house… then leave the house! Please check the laws in your city first before having sex in public – it is technically illegal in many places. If it is legal, then you can go for a drive and detour for a little quickie. If you have no car sex experience, we’d suggest sticking to hands and mouths instead of finding a comfortable position in your car. Just make sure you don’t park anywhere your family has the possibility of driving by and recognizing your car.


Keep the Affection Going

The thing about having family over is that sometimes it takes away your mood for any sex at all. That is totally okay! The trick is to remain affectionate together throughout the family visit. You don’t need to have any kind of sex if you’re not feeling up for it, but you should keep holding hands and cuddling in bed whenever you have a chance. Make sure to continue appreciating each other and showing that even if you aren’t horny, you still very much will rip off their clothes the moment your family leaves.


Holidays can be tough with all of the family visits and stress of having everything perfect. Don’t forget to spend some time on breathing, relaxing, and taking care of each other.
Happy holidays!

Rebecca Dane

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