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5 festive ways to show your love

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5 festive ways to show your love

This is how you celebrate love during the holiday season.

By Emmeline Peaches

December is finally here and it’s officially time to count the days down until your holiday celebration of choice. We hope you’re looking forward to Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Christmas, and the Winter Soltice, and that our US friends had a great Thanksgiving (we’re very thankful that you support our content).

Now that we’re fully in to the festive season it’s time to show some more holiday cheer in all aspects of our lives, including the romantic (and sexual) elements.

Everyone likes to be treated, and treating our partner/s can feel very fulfilling. It strengthens bonds in the relationship and lets you both know that you’re still in tune with each other…but it can be tricky at times.


The Challenge of the Affectionate Gesture

Getting creative is perhaps the most challenging aspect of surprising your loves one/s with a display of affection. Once you’ve done one romantic thing how do you mix it up enough to make it seem sincere and thoughtful each time? There’s nothing wrong with doing the same (or similar) displays of affection, after all, but it’s the execution which transforms a romantic gesture from cliché and saccharine to thoughtful and sweet.

This is where themes can really help.

Latching on to a thematic element allows you to kick start your brain with different ideas, new angles to approach, and help you match the theme to your partner to create something that feels fresh and well-considered.

So, as an example of this, we thought we’d put together this handy-dandy guide of how to take the festive season and use it to get your creative juices flowing, even with the most typical of suggestions.

Take what works, leave the rest, and modify them to meet your partner’s needs. Then use the dynamism of all this creative planning to enjoy yourselves for the rest of December, and well in to the New Year.


Plan A Romantic Night Inside

Here’s a classic that is primed for the festive twist. Not only is it the perfect weather for a night in together for most people, but there are a slew of decorative features that you can use to transform your usual living space in to a winter wonderland.

You’d be surprised at just how enchanting (and sexually exciting) a sofa snuggle can be under the glow of tinsel and fairy lights.

Just make sure that your partner is unaware of any decorative shenanigans that you might have planned, so that you can surprise them with a big reveal prior to your romantic night together.

From there the activities are up to you but we do have a few suggestions. Massages tend to be greatly appreciated this time of year, but so is warmth, so compromise with a foot massage or a back/head massage rather than requesting your partner strip off straight away. The festive season has many feel good movies that focus on love and romance, which are also worth exploring. And, of course, there’s always the romantic meal.

Use seasonal ingredients for extra bonus points on the festive theme, but keep it light – sex on a full stomach doesn’t go down well.


Enjoy A Bath Together

Whatever the weather, a bath is always appreciated. Especially when it’s one that your partner had run for you, potentially arranged after a massage, potentially with seasonally scented candles, and definitely with some bubbles involved.

When most people hear ‘bath together’ there’s this notion that it’s nice in theory but awkward in person – the reason being that it’s sometimes hard to fit two people comfortably in a bath. If you feel like this might hinder your fun then consider this – a bath together doesn’t have to involve bathing together.

If you know for a fact (or highly suspect) that your bath just won’t fit you in and still be romantic then commit yourself to a bath-side date.

Get a pillow and sit with your partner, talking about life, their day, and anything that comes to mind. Let them know how much you adore them by giving them an in-bath massage or washing those ‘hard to reach’ places. Oh, and don’t make a comment about how bizarre they look in the spiced pumpkin face mask that you treated them to…unless humour is your thing, that is.


Engage In Festive Gift Giving

There are a few ways to approach this, and some might be holiday specific.

A great one for Christmas, for example, is to take those twelve days before Christmas and use them to give a personalized gift each day. This can be whatever you want: A sex toy each day, a new flavoured lubricant each day, a small trinket each day, or a note each day with one reason why you love them so much, are all good examples.

Speaking of sex toys, you might choose to empty their sex toy wish list (or some of it, depending on how lustful they are) and then either surprise them each day with one, arrange a romantic evening in which finding the toys is part of the fun (with a reward for each discovery), or put them all in a big stocking/box and just let one buzz from time-to-time as a cheeky little hint of what’s to come (buying a small, disposable bullet for the buzz).

Alternatively surprise them to a day out together where you go on a festive shopping spree. Post-holiday sales can make for a really good time if your partner is a bargain hunter.

If you’re in an equal opportunities relationship then you might want to make it a mutual affair too and trade gifts at the end of the day. Buy a wand and you’ll take ‘power couple’ to a whole new level.

And, finally…


Make A Big (And Sincere) Commitment

This one is only advised if you’ve done some serious introspection and feel like it’s the right time for you and your relationship rather than just being spurred on by the season.

As you both approach the New Year there’s a chance that you’ll be thinking forward, planning ahead, and perhaps even considering your future. Well, you know what they say – motivation does not come before action, so if the time is right then why not make any commitments official?

This is a great one to combine with one (or all) of the above festive suggestions and doesn’t necessarily have to be extremely life changing. For example, your big commitment could be to take that daily letter of love and make it a daily thing in the New Year. Or it could be to go on holiday together.

For the really big commitments, though, do try and put something firmly in place before surprising your partner with it, but respect boundaries and their right to be involved too – cutting a key to your apartment for your partner would be fine, putting their name on the tenancy without telling them would not.


Whatever you do just make sure that you keep the spirit of the holidays in mind. Love together, laugh together, and remind yourself just why this person is someone you want to show your love to every single day. Keep your partner/s at the centre of your affectionate gestures and you’ll never go wrong.


Emmeline Peaches 

Image: Crown Media

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