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10 reasons why you should have a one-night stand

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10 reasons why you should have a one-night stand

Dating can be great but you there are times where it just isn’t what you’re looking for or you haven’t found the right person to stick it out with. Thankfully, this is where one-night stands come into play.

By Rebecca Dane, A Couple of Kinks

Despite the increase in sex-positivism, one-night stands can still get a bad name. Here are reasons why you should have a one-night stand. Please note that we are talking about one-night stands that are consensual, physically and mentally safe and done with protection.

1. You’re Horny sex is healthy

If you’re looking to have a one-night stand then you are probably a bit horny. Yes, that is totally okay to admit! You can be horny to masturbate, horny to sleep with someone else or both! They aren’t mutually exclusive. You can feed the part of your sexuality that is craving someone else’s body up close.

2. Sex is Healthy!

Sex is like, really, really good for you. Sex releases oxytocin and endorphins and gets your body moving. It is a great form of exercise and stress release! We think that being happy is a pretty good reason to have some fun for a night! Just remember to use protection to keep it safe and healthy.

3. No Attachment

Sure, you can satisfy your libido and get some cardio if you have a partner. BUT, you might not want to get attached to someone emotionally and that is totally okay. Being in a relationship has its perks but so does being single. 4. Make It About You! One-night stands are often portrayed in movies about being ‘for the man’ as we often see a cis-male ejaculate to end the playtime. This really doesn’t have to be the case! Make the night about you and your pleasure. You deserve pleasure, so go for it!

To flirt5. Experiment!

On the same thought, you can take the opportunity to experiment! If you’ve been meaning to try something new – whether that is a new sex move, power play or a new personality – this is the perfect chance! There is no need to feel embarrassed by it because you will never have to see them again. Of course, if you’re trying something new, you need to make sure that the trial is consensual with everyone involved.

6. Learn Something New!

Different people have different styles, which means you might learn something new! If your last partner never used his fingers during oral sex, you might be surprised (and delighted) that someone else does. Maybe you’ll find something you hate or maybe you’ll find something that will change your sex life forever, but a one-night stand gives an opportunity to learn something new.

7. Confidence Boost

While confidence should not be influenced by who we sleep with, in reality it might. If you’re going through a tough time or just went through a rough breakup, it might be nice to remind yourself that you’re totally awesome. Maybe it was a reminder that you are an incredibly flirter or maybe it was a reminder that you can be spontaneous – doesn’t matter why. There is nothing wrong with the fact that a one-night stand might give you a little boost.

8. It is Only Once

If the sex is bad, then at least it only ever has to happen once. If the sex is good, then you will forever have this amazing memory to replay in your mind. The bad sex never has to happen again. The good sex will be highlighted in your mind.

9. It is Exciting!
Hooking up with someone new can be incredibly thrilling. It is a ‘first time’ with that particular person. You get to flirt with them, have a first kiss and then explore their body. It can be quite the rush of adrenaline.

10. It Makes a Great Story

You are guaranteed to have a great story to tell your friends. Get ready for giggles and lots of questions. If you choose to keep it to yourself, then it makes it a super fun little secret! Regardless if you decide to tell people or not – you’re going to have an adventure!

Have fun staying up all night!

Rebecca Dane

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