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10 facts about the penis

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10 facts about the penis

Fun facts about his friend which you always wanted to know.

1. The longest officially measured penis in the world is the one from Jonah Falcon from New York; It is an amazing 34,3 centimeters in an exciting circumstance.


2. From a survey done by a British fashion company proves that 73% of men have a nickname for their penis. More than half it is the partner who comes up with it. Willy, Charlemagne or maybe even the totem pole?


3. Blood and blood flow are a very important part of an erection. It can even shrink up to 1 cm caused by smoking. 


4. An American research proves that women ideally want to feel a penis which is 16 centimeters long. The ideal circumference is 12,2 centimeters. Except when having a one night stand; Then it could be a little bit longer and bigger.


5. The length of a soft penis doesn’t say anything about when it’s stiff. So when you see a small lump in his trousers and you are about to leave? Just wait a little longer, maybe it will turn into a huge one!


6. According to the Penguin Atlas of Human Sexual Behavior at least 120 million couples have sex in 24 hours. This is 5 million per hour, 83,33 per minute and 1.389 per second. This means that when you’re reading this story there are at least a couple of thousand dicks working hard.


7. Despite the fact that the penis isn’t made of bone, it does can break. This comes with a hard crushing noise and most of the time this happens when the woman is on top … so be careful!


8. Average men have 11 erections a day of which 3 to 5 during sleeping. Think for yourself where the other ones happen. 


9. From research of the Institute for the Study of Urological Diseases it appears that Mediterranean food can make the erection harder. Feel free to try it out.


10. The smell of donuts and licorice together can increase the blood supply to the penis with 32%. This was the conclusion of the survey done by the Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation from Chicago. We advise you to drop by a supermarket when you go home….


Source: Wetenschap in Beeld

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