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Tuesday 3 July 2012

What is porna?

Women determine what porna is! In the Dusk panel, over 3000 women evaluate erotic scenes. The scenes that the Dusk panel considers the most exciting, tantalising, hot and sexy are what we call porna.

Dusk has spent many years researching porn for women. Here is a summary of the porna trends we have discovered!

This is porna

• Real chemistry! People who are clearly and visibly enjoying each other. Both visible and audible. Horniness is truly credible and the passion simply jumps off the screen in porna. There is a convincing, tangible attraction between the people.

• There is also attention for the woman’s experience. In porn for women, the scenes are also created from her perspective, much more so than in traditional porn.

• Female pleasure! Porna scenes focus on female pleasure, or there is at least a balance in the scenes between male and female pleasure.

• High quality! Porn for women is beautifully filmed. This includes good camerawork and the right lighting, and attractive decor and settings. Porna is usually made using high-quality cinematography and is filmically pleasing to the eye.

• Attractive people with beautiful, natural bodies. Preferably no make-up rather than too much!

• A good build-up of excitement with foreplay, people arousing each other or a short introductory scene. No long-winded storylines. What matters is that the viewer understands why these people have ended up in bed together.

• Explicit sex. We want to see exactly what is going on in a porna scene without the shots being to crude or raw. This does not mean that women only enjoy soft, cuddly sex – nothing wrong with a bit of rough sex, in fact we’re all for it!

This is not Porna
• Fake excitement and fake orgasms. Lack of interest and boredom with regard to the interaction between people. No pleasure in the porna scene means no pleasure for the viewer.

• Scenes focussing only on male pleasure and male orgasm. The woman is nothing more than an object of lust; her pleasure and enjoyment are either subordinate to his or forgotten altogether.

• Poorly filmed image material with strange camera positions, ugly lighting and loud, inappropriate music.

• Unreal, stereotypical pornographic looks and behaviour.  Long false nails, exaggerated facial expressions in the camera, overly blonde hair, extremely high heels and exaggerated groaning.

• Scenes with long-winded, endless introductions. Or the opposite, with two people that appear to randomly jump on each other.

• The standard formula: a long sucking off scene, a series of often uncomfortable positions and a cum shot as the finale.

If you would like to know what our Dusk panel considered to be real porna so far, read and have a look at our Dusk panel results and watch some fragments in our overview of films and series.

Thanks to the Dusk panel, we are learning more and more about porna, but there is still plenty to be discovered by the panel members! If you too would like to determine what is and isn’t porna, why not become a member of our Dusk panel!

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