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Monday 28 March 2011

Innocent Pictures: Puzzy power

The name Innocent Pictures may not immediately ring a bell, but it’s the firm that produced Constance, Pink Prison and All About Anna, each of them remarkable feature films full of steaming sex scenes.

Constance (1998) was the first film from the much praised Puzzy Power collection, produced by Innocent Pictures. Constance arrives at Lola's house to receive love lessons from Lola and her personal slave. The leading role is played by Katja Kean – world famous in Denmark and far beyond!

Pink Prison by Lisbeth Lynghoft is part 2 from this series. The journalist Mila makes a bet: she has to infiltrate into a prison and interview its mysterious director. She breaks into the prison and enters into a series of sexual escapades, as a voyeur but eventually also as a participant, while getting closer and closer to the director.

All About Anna (2005) tells us the story of a young, independent woman who is completely focused on her career. She doesn’t have time for a relationship – or at least that’s what people think. In reality she has other reasons to keep her lovers at a distance. All About Anna gives us a story that’s completely different from the traditional porn clichés. Refreshing!

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  • 07:52  Seduced scene 3
  • 08:10  Make Me Sweat scene 3
  • 08:31  Xconfessions 4 Scene 10
  • 08:44  Special Moments Scene 1
  • 09:12  Man Trap Scene 3
  • 09:25  Co workers gone bad scene 1
  • 09:43  OOOOOH! scene 5
  • 09:58  Pleasure Professionals 5
  • 10:23  Xconfessions 4 Scene 6
  • 10:35  The fate of love scene 4


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