Thursday 10 October 2013

Female Lust


Most of our Dusk! panel ladies are heterosexual. Lesbian scenes, however, are not necessarily unpopular.Time for some research!


Let’s start with some definitions. ‘Sexual identity’ is the way you describe yourself, it’s the answer you give when someone asks you about your sexual orientation. Then there is your sexual ‘behaviour’, the type of sex that you actually have. There are women who have had sex with another woman (behaviour) but still describe themselves as hetero (identity). And there is sexual attraction, attraction to someone you would like to have sex with. Perhaps you are happily married to your husband but have spent years secretly fantasising about an exciting encounter with that nice woman who lives round the corner. 

A survey conducted in 2006 showed that on average 6% of Dutch women describe themselves as lesbian or bisexual, while 13% have at one time or another had sex with another woman, and 18% are attracted to other women. When we asked our Dusk! ladies whether they were hetero, bisexual or lesbian, 21% said they were bisexual or lesbian.

So, what’s popular and what’s not? First of all, we have a large group of ladies who really only enjoy heterosexual pornography. Approximately 25% of the open answers we received ruled out lesbian scenes altogether, with comments such as ‘I don’t like woman/woman combos’, ‘I’m not attracted to women’, or ‘I don’t watch lesbian scenes’. It’s therefore most unlikely that a lesbian scene will ever make it to a 5-Pepper Porna evening.
CriticalFilm: Anna Span
The highest rating given for a lesbian scene is 4 Peppers, but that is still quite unusual even so. You see, our lesbian and bisexual ladies are also highly discerning viewers. Just because two women are having sex with each other does not automatically mean that it’s sexy or that it’s Porna. Many lesbian scenes are, in fact, made with men in mind, and many of the actresses do not necessarily feel attracted to their co-stars. Just like with any other ‘normal’ porno scene, viewers say the biggest problem is they are ‘too fake’, they include ‘too much groaning’, or that ‘all that spitting turns me off’. 

Something that irritates many women is watching fingering sessions in which the woman has long fingernails. ‘Her disgustingly long nails are more suited to the traditional porno world. To me, this is fake-lesbian, made with the sole intention of turning men on.’ (reaction to Play the Slut, Anna Span). Scenes with a kinky element are also not particularly popular with the ladies, with reaction such as ‘Personally, I don’t think Porn and SM go together’, ‘I myself don’t like to be subservient to someone else’, or ‘too rough and too hard’ (reactions to Perversions of Lesbian Lust, Madison Young). 

Film: Maria BeattyOf course, there are women who do like it, but lesbian kink is clearly a genre all of its own. The more hard-core lesbian scenes were also received with mixed feelings. It is clear that we have some real fans of these films: ‘More of this! More!!' (reaction to Post Apocalyptic Cowgirls, Maria Beatty). And yet most heterosexual women regard these films as not feminine enough. Our Dusk! ladies did not appreciate seeing an abundance of body hair or lack of head hair.

Same but different!
Film: Abby Winters
The same applies for lesbian scenes as for hetero scenes: Dusk! ladies want authenticity! We enjoy watching two women that like each other and are obviously enjoying the sex they are having. ‘The excitement seemed very real. They genuinely seemed turned on. That’s important to me.’ (reaction to Cloe & Violet, Abby Winters). Obviously, aesthetics is also important.
Film: KendoBesides beautiful bodies, 'Yummie! Girl on girl and not fake at all (maybe a little bit, but at least they were beautiful women)’ (response to Dani loves Girls, Dana Vespoli). Beautiful images are obviously very important too. And we want to see exactly what is happening; attractive images, with both women spending time on each other. ‘Nothing is rushed, they were enjoying each other’s bodies. This is what sex is all about. Despite the close-up shots, nothing was seedy or over the top.’ (reaction to Stay up Thigh, Kendo).
As far as that’s concerned, there is very little difference between lesbian Porna and heterosexual Porna. Both show people being really intimate with each other and experiencing great pleasure. We want an attractive setting, preferably a good fellatio scene and the use of fingers or sex-toys, and a little passion of course. Apparently our Dusk! ladies have a great deal in common, whatever their sexual orientation!

Yvette LuhrsYvette Luhr is programme manager and researcher for Dusk! She is the expert when it comes to combining beautiful images with beautiful sex. Read more...

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