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The sex trends of 2017

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The sex trends of 2017

Here are some of the sex trends that are happening and growing in 2017.

By Rebecca Dane from A Couple of Kinks

Somehow we managed to be in the fourth month of 2017? I’m not totally sure how that happened but thankfully spring is finally showing itself! 2017 has had more than its fair share of negativity, so we’re here to spruce it up with some sex! Here are some of the sex trends that are happening and growing in 2017.

1. Kegel Exercise Trackers
People are working out their pelvic muscles and keeping track! Basically, special kegel balls are created to provide feedback to an app on your phone. This way you can monitor your progress and challenge your best scores. It is a great way to keep up motivation for doing your exercises! Just remember to read about how to properly perform kegels before training them incorrectly.

2. Heating Sex Toys
We’ll have to see if this is a trend that sticks around for years to come – but there are a few different heating vibrators on the market. Supposedly there is a potential link between warmth and orgasms. For people who already enjoy temperature, this can be great! For people who aren’t totally sure, make sure to purchase one that can do both – no heat or heat.

3. Better Dating Apps
Tinder hit the world by storm a few years ago and nothing has really been able to replace it – except for maybe Bumble for a little while.  This isn’t stopping app creators from trying to reinvent the wheel. Expect a variety of dating apps that get the conversation started in unique ways.

4. Virtual Reality Porn
While this isn’t a new topic for 2017, the availability of products is more affordable and more varied than ever before. 3D porn makers are fine-tuning their process and more people are testing it out. Most tech companies are embracing this new method of interaction so it is just a matter of time before everyone’s tried it.

5. Butt Stuff
Yes, still butt stuff. Pegging was thrown into the mix last year, so we can only foresee it becoming an even bigger trend in 2017. If pegging is increasing in popularity, then it is almost guaranteed that all butt stuff (anal sex, analingus, etc) will gain popularity as well. Let’s hope to see it become a natural part of the sex conversation.

6. Wireless Sex Toys
More and more sex toys are becoming app-compatible to allow for long-distance partners to control vibrations. There has been an increase in products intended for couples to as well as an increase in products intended for cam-shows. Controlling your favourite performer’s vibrator or Fleshlight is the next big step for private shows. You can now actually provide pleasure to someone from across the world.

7. Non-Fleshlight Masturbators
Fleshlights and similar masturbator sleeves are a great addition to the toy closet (for single people and for couples). However, there has recently been a switch to non-penetrative masturbators like the Rocks Off Rise of the Hot Octopus PULSE. These products contain motors for vibrations and don’t require penetration to occur. These are revolutionizing the way people use masturbators as well as the diversity of people who can benefit from these products. Expect more innovations for penises that aren’t all about recreating orifices.

8. Different Birth Controls
While not necessarily a sexy topic, birth control is an integral part of being sexual. 2017 is going to see a variety of birth control methods. There has already been an astounding increase in the use of IUDs. People are straying away from latex-only condoms and trying out different materials. People are also reverting back to older methods like cervical caps that are more natural to use. Expect the topic of birth control to stick around for a while which will hopefully force changes in the industry.

9. 3D Printed Toys
Did you think that sex toys could escape this new technology? This is going to allow for more personalized sex toys. The cheaper the printers will become, the more 3D-printed sex toys will be available on the market. If you’re going to DIY, then make sure to read up on how to make them safe for insertion.

10. Female Pleasure
More celebrities and activists are becoming vocal about female sexuality and female empowerment. We’re even seeing more vibrators and less shaming in TV shows. Expect to hear a lot about vaginal orgasms in the next year, and let’s hope this trend becomes the norm!

There are a lot of great things happening in the sex industry, let’s hope they all stick around! The world could use more pleasure in more ways!


Rebecca Dane 

Photo: XONecole

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